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CiliC Initiative

We all love to do whatever feels right.
And that is the reason for CiliC.

What feels right and what we should do can rarely align.
It is those who can take a plunge and do it would know if the possibilities and the truth can be coincided.

A dear friend from China whom I met 20 years ago in the States proposed CiliC idea in the late 2016.

“The cheese tea is a new and exciting phenomenon in China right now, and I am able to find a way to make it even better!”

Of course, it should be exciting. Because that was what I felt after a sip of the original cheese tea in Shenzhen, China.
I was blown away after the first sip. The idea, the feeling, and the unthinkable couples should not have come together and created this much excitement.

I was sold right then.

I want to bring that excitement of trying something unimaginable to Thailand.
And it felt right to do it.

The ideas were formed. The plan was formulated. A year later, CiliC was born.

We both took a plunge and followed our instincts.
Now we hope to bring that excitement to the Thai fans.
The unimaginable couples are far from what a normal eye to see, but once they become the truth, that is when the excitement is, and where the possibilities can come true.

Do what you feel right, and good things will come, won’t they?

Note Cheeweewat & Jiani Liu
CiliC founders
July 2018